The Band

Based in Western North Carolina

The Brothers Gillespie began in late 2018 on the suggestion of a friend to record an EP of songs they had been kicking around for fun. After getting a taste of attention from the 2018 eponymous release, they took a chance and moved operations to Johnson City, Tennessee, with the promise that they would give their musical aspirations a year, and if there was more partying than progress, they would give it up and move on.Luckily the partying coincided with the progress, and in early 2019 The Brothers

Gillespie released their debut album, “Love & Death”, building on their foundation of gritty rock n’ roll, and masterful songwriting. They moved back home to Waynesville, North Carolina to save money and take their show on the road, playing everywhere from Richmond to Dallas and all the bars in between. After a successful year, The Brothers like many had a quiet, but solid 2020 and 2021, releasing three successful singles.

The Brothers Gillespie return to the stage in 2022 with their massive sophomore album, the conceptual “American Pastoral”.

"We would like to shout out to the amazing photographers and videographers that have helped us to capture our journey"


The Brothers Gillespie and Red Dress Amy

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The Great American Bash

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