It don’t matter if you can’t play good, it just matters if it sounds good
— The Frog Level Guitar Man

The Brothers have always had an interest in music, playing any and every instrument they could find. In 2015 things came to a head. After singer/songwriter Davis Gillespie returned from a semester at the University of Tennessee with a handful of songs, the other brothers (drummer Clay Gillespie and lead guitar Aaron Gillespie) set to work on actually crafting a set list "just in case" someone called up one day in need of a band.


To their surprise, people did end up calling, and The Brothers Gillespie started playing hometown shows in Waynesville, North Carolina. There they came in to their own playing a blend of rock, country, folk, and alternative music they dub “Slacker Country”. After a couple years of successful area shows, The Brothers took a year sabbatical in Johnson City, Tennessee, where they honed their craft, took up a residency at nearby landmark Capone’s, toured the region, and recorded their seminal album “Love & Death”.

Now The Brothers return home to reunite with bass player and “fourth brother” Zack Edwards and tour the South East bringing their own brand of Slacker Country to the masses.